Sunday, July 21, 2013

Earthquake Sound IQ52, IQuake 52 Active Powered IPhone / Ipod Docking Speaker Monitor

Earthquake Sound IQuake 52 Review

The Earthquake IQ52 is an active speaker with Iphone/Ipod docking capability. 
The Left Channel speaker has a built in 200W amplifier on the rear and docking on the top for you Apple device. The Amplifier has RCA stereo inputs and a 3.5mm Aux input as well as a subwoofer output.
The best part is an additional AC outlet for your source or even an Apple Airport Express for Airplay.
The Right Channel speaker has an single input from the rear of the Left Channel Speaker.
The system comes with a small credit card size remote control.Remote can control tracks when iphone or ipod is docked.

The size is fairly compact at about 11"H x 8"D x 7.5"W
The Tweeter is a 1" Soft Dome and the Woofer is a 5.25" Carbon Fiver Woven type with rubber surround.

The finish is absolutely perfect. The piano gloss is smooth and sexy. IQ52 comes in several colors.
White, Black, Silver, Pink, and Red.


Very good actually. I put them next to my hifi listening room on 24" stands and they image very nicely. Bass was very deep for a speaker this size. In a smaller size room, these do not need a subwoofer. Tonal balance when you first turn them on is very good. The remote control has bass and treble controls to fine tune the sound. Below are measurements of the IQ52 using Dayton Audio OmniMic.

 Default Setting out of the box. Pretty smooth and Flat Response. +/- 3db from 60Hz to 20kHz

This is with the treble setting all the way up.

 Treble setting all the way down.

Bass setting all the way up.

Bass setting all the way down.

Overall I enjoyed listening to the IQ52. They perform good enough as powered monitors for mixing or even just for the bedroom next to the TV for room filling sound. Versatile connections and most of all, they're great to look at.

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